My Poor Lonely Walls

In my house... I have walls. On my hard drives (yes, that's plural)... I have photos.  It would seem that this perfect combination might have (at some point in the past 8 years that we have owned our home) resulted in some nice imagery placed onto said walls.  Sadly, I must admit, I have very few photos on display in my home.  I'm not going to make excuses about it anymore (like, it's too hard to pick... it costs a lot...) I'm just going to start doing it.  So hopefully sometime soon, when we leave the house... my walls will be able to enjoy the beauty of our family... without having to listen to the kids screaming!

First up... the room that ALWAYS comes first to neglect... our master bedroom.  Look at this sad wall...

Maybe she would like a few 8x10s on canvas?

Hmmm, how about a nice canvas cluster?

Or a pretty row of 16x20s... What do you think? 

By the way clients... custom wall design is a new service that's included with all family sessions!