SNAP HAPPY - Photography 101 by Megan

I'm so excited to announce something that I've always dreamed of doing! And that is creating the opportunity to help other moms improve their photography of their own families!  Since having my own children, I've developed a passion for capturing all kids in their essence!  From their dirty toes, to scrunchy noses... I love to document my children just as they are!


These are just a few cherished snapshots of



(Please note: the cute legs on beach with Evan are not mine... a girl can wish though, lol!)

So here are the happy details...

The curriculum:

Snap Happy is designed to be a fun 2 hour workshop experience to help moms take better pictures of their kids. My goal is to help you become a better documentarian for your family with the camera that you already have.  Although I love mine, there is not a need to invest in a fancy DSLR camera to benefit from Snap Happy.  If you already own a DSLR, then I know you're ready to get more out of it!

In this class we will talk about: 

  • Equipment 
  • Lighting techniques
  • Composition
  • Perspective 
  • How to engage your subject
  • I will also briefly introduce the concepts of aperture, shutter speed, and ISO 


Dates and times are somewhat flexible but hostesses can pick from the following Friday evenings or propose their own date and time:

March 15th

March 22nd

April 19th

April 26th


How to Get Involved:

Be a Hostess

Step 1: Tell me you want to host! Call or email me to reserve your date.  megan@meganjohnsphotography or 904-434-5573

Step 2: Wrangle up 7-14 of your buds.  We need to have a least 8 participants.

Step 3: Plan some munchies that will keep your girl friends


 uh hmm... happy!

Don't want to host?

Email me anyway and I'll do my best to get you into one of the classes!

Hope to have fun with you soon!