Pinkle Toes Photography Workshop - A Dream Come True

I'd known for a long time that I wanted to attend a workshop help by one of my favorite photographers, Michele Anderson of Pinkle Toes Photography.  I'd seen workshop after workshop of hers announced and held all with fabulous results and reviews.  All the while, I sat behind my computer and watched it all unfold, wishing I too could go.

I thought that if I emailed her and asked her to come to Florida... it would happen.  But it didn't.  And still I sat in the glow of my little corner wishing.

Then one day about 8 weeks before the Toronto workshops (in August), an opening came up!  I told my hubby about it and he said something sarcastic like "ha ha... that's funny, sounds expensive."  I thought about it for a day and decided this was my chance.  So he said, "okay, just do it."  Then I changed my mind and said, "no I can't, it's too much money." Then we went back and forth for a whole weekend.  I really tortured myself about it.  But finally decided to go (obviously).

It was a wonderful experience!  We got to watch Michele work her magic during 3 different sessions!  First up was the in-home newborn session.  Our models were so sweet and beautiful!  I couldn't imagine inviting 10+ photographers into my home just after having a baby, but they did and I'm so grateful to them!



Later we met up with an adorable family at a beautiful park.  It was here that we watched Michele sacrifice her own comfort (ant bites, grass in hair, kneeling in the stream) to document this young family's vibrant personalities in true Pinkle Toes fashion!  I knew I loved Michele's photography before attending the workshop, but I didn't know that she is a master at managing the flow of her sessions.  Watching her work was an invaluable experience.


And finally we watched a maternity session.  Oh that hill at sunset.  It was AWESOME.  Florida is so darn flat that big hills like the one we were on in Toronto are hard to come by.  I'm determined to find something like this in Jax.  Our maternity models were also beautiful and amazing!  I love the color and fit of the dress that mama wore!  And again, watching Michele work to get every detail just right for them inspires me to set lofty goals for my own work. 

I'm so glad I went to Toronto for this workshop.  I know the impact of this experience will affect my images and my business in amazing ways for years to come!