The Time He Couldn't Swallow

One evening a month ago... 

We finished up dinner and as always Evan demanded a treat.  After meeting certain pre-treat requirements, Evan and Lilla got and enjoyed their cake pops.  I was still at the table when I realized something was wrong.  Evan had completely finished his cake pop but was complaining of pain in his mouth and throat.  The complaining turned to crying and I could tell this would interesting.  It seemed that somehow the wooden stick he was eating from had injured him.

It was really hard to calm him down enough to get a peek inside his mouth.  But when I finally did get him to let me look, I shined the light of his little CARS flashlight (because that is the only one in the house that we can always find) into his mouth and to the back of his throat and there I saw it... NOTHING.  I couldn't see anything wrong!!!!  But still he cried.  Oh my gosh did he cry.  Then Patrick looked.  Still nothing.  Still crying.

So we set off to the Care Spot that is in our neighborhood.  Where they saw nothing also!  Except drool.  By this time Evan couldn't (well, wouldn't) swallow his saliva.  Since there was nothing they could do for him at the Care Spot, they sent us to the Wolfson Children's Hospital.  The ER to be exact. 

On the way there, we stopped at home to grab the iPad (thank goodness for that) and some clothes... for Evan.  Then I headed downtown and got lost.  Like I always do when I go downtown.  With the GPS.  Somehow we made it there. 

The waiting room of the ER was... interesting.  Not really a place you want to hang around in for a long time.  Fortunately we didn't wait long.  They got us into an exam room pretty quickly.  Then, I think every single doctor, nurse, and technician in the entire hospital came by to ask us what happened and to look inside his mouth.  And I showed everyone "the stick." They were all concerned about the non-swallowing.

They took X-rays, set up an IV, and told me that they would probably need to scope him some time during the next day.   Why am I so stupid!  I never envisioned us that we would go to the hospital (the ER that is) to spend the night and wait for a procedure to happen the next day.  Argh.  No tooth brush.  Contact Solution.  But at least there was the iPad.  Oh, and he wasn't allowed to eat or drink before the procedure happened. 

So after the ER exam room they moved us to a real room.  I have to say, those rooms at Wolfson's are really nice!  They just re-modeled I guess.

Finally the reality that we are spending the night is beginning to set in.  We are visited by another series of nurses, doctors, and tech.  Show the mouth.  Show the stick. 

After an hour or so in the new room (at about midnight I suppose) Evan's mood is starting to improve.  Also... he's swallowing now.  AHHHHHH!!!!    I notice it, the nurse notices it.  He seems... well... okay.  I know that's a good thing, but it was very confusing.  

So we offer him some water, to see if he can drink it without pain.  That goes well and we settle into out beds for the night.  No wait.  We settle into his bed.  Eventually I move to my couch-bed.

The next day is a bit of a waiting game.  More doctors, nurses, techs.  More show and tell.  No food allowed.  That was hard for me.  My body starts to reject me when I don't eat every other hour.

When we finally see the ENT, Evan is still doing well.  The plan becomes... try liquids, if that goes well, try solids.  And if that also goes well... discharge and send a large bill for the most uncomfortable hotel stay ever.  And that's just what happened!!  

We happily left at noon, about 15 hours after checking in.  Then we drove through McDonalds for a stick-free lunch!