Little E - 8 months old

So little E is my sweet 8 month old nephew who is something of miracle to our family.  And now we are awaiting the arrival of another miracle - not me... my sister... a different sister.  She's pregnant, yay!

Anyways, back to little E...

His mommy brought him to see us at Mema and Papa's house.  After we had dinner I said to her...  "Do you have a different shirt for him?"  She said, "Let's look in the diaper bag... oh wait I already used it."  So I said "oh well, the sun is setting soon so lets take some pictures in the field!"  So we did.  Graphic tee, diaper, and all!  He was tired so I didn't get any little smiles from him.  But, he was good!

Check out a black and white that I love here too.