7 Reasons You Shouldn't Have a Photo Session at the Beach (And why they ROCK!) {Jacksonville, FL | Beach Photography}

Back in the fall I had the pleasure of meeting this sweet family for fun little photo session on the beach.  I tried to convince the girls' mom that shooting at the beach was going to be a pain in the butt and we shouldn't do it, but she ignored my logic based reasoning and my love of being sand-free and we did it any way.

So for those of you who are thinking you might also want a session on the beach, here are my top 7 reasons that you shouldn't:

1) It's Super Windy & Hair Goes Everywhere

Jacksonville Beach Photography Windy

2) Your Kids Will Run Wild

Jacksonville Beach Photography Kids Running

3) No Shoes Allowed

Jacksonville Beach Photography No Shoes

4) Everyone Gets Sandy

(especially if you're a mermaid out of water for the first time)

Jacksonville Beach Photography Get Sandy

5) You Can Forget a Reasonable Bed-Time

Jacksonville Beach Photography

6) You'll Need to Pack a Towel

Jacksonville Beach Photography Getting Wet

7) Your Session Will Probably Be Interrupted by Passersby

Jacksonville Beach Photography Kite Boarding

And if I could just add one more... the 8th reason no to have a photo shoot on the beach is that I might get sandy!  See?  It's just a recipe for disaster! Convinced yet?

More of their session here:


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