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Client Agreement & Model Release

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Session Agreement
The session agreement is put into place so you know exactly what a session with me entails and to ensure that I am able to deliver on your expectations. Please read all information carefully, print a copy for your records, and then provide your digital signature. If you have any questions please let me know before the session. Thanks!
1) The non-refundable reservation fee reserves your session.
2) All session fees are non-refundable and must be paid in full on or before your session date. They cover time, talent, and the digital image negatives.
3) Because it can be distracting (especially to small children) and prevents me from being able to do my job effectively, other cameras are not allowed at the photo session.
Rescheduling & Re-shoots
4) Because of the nature of this session, there will be no re-shoots, and no rescheduling with the exception of rain or thunderstorm occuring at the time of the session.
5) No shows - if you do not show up to your session or show up past your scheduled time, the reservation fee is forfeited.
6) Within 1 week of your session - I will post your digital negatives in a private online gallery. These files have been fully edited and enhanced. You will have 14 days to download your images.
7) Creative privilege - there are times when an image needs a certain crop or a particular treatment. I will do my best to match your tastes, but I maintain the freedom to decide how to make an image look its absolute best.
8) Unpurchased files are purged from my system 60 days after the session date. This applies if you still owe a session balance by this time.
9) I provide printing instructions with your digital negatives. Some images (particularly those shot in low light) may have visible digital noise when enlarged too much. This is normal, but may not be asthetic. In addition, if you crop an image in too tightly, you will lose resolution and may cause it to be pixilated when enlarged. To ensure best print quality, try to avoid altering your images before printing. If in doubt, just ask me. I am not responsible for printing errors or for quality of prints or products not printed directly by me.
10) Megan Johns photography retains copyrights on all images (even those purchased as digital negative files). with the signed model release, megan johns photography reserves the right to use the images and/or reproductions for display, promotion, publication, and other purposes.
11) Under no circumstances can a client use images for commercial purposes, profit, or photographic competition or display.
12) credits and special offers are non-transferable and are not redeemable for cash.
Limitation of Liability
I hereby waive, disclaim and release Megan Johns photography and it's respective owners, members, employees, agents, volunteers and representatives from any and all actions, claims or demands that I may have now or in the future, whether known or unknown, against the Megan Johns Photography parties, including without limitation, those related to injury to or death of persons, or damage, loss or destruction of property arising out of or in connection with the session or any products related thereto.
I here by agree to hold harmless the Megan Johns Photography parties from all liability, losses, claims, costs (including attorney's fees and court costs), damages or expenses of whatever nature that may result from injury to or death of persons, or damage, loss or destruction of property arising out of or in connection with the session or any products related thereto.
I, the undersigned, agree to the session agreement, polices, prices, etc. outlined in this form *
In order for me to be able to post your sneak peeks on the blog or images on the website, you'll need to sign this optional Model Release. I do not identify subjects by name on my website or printed materials without your prior permission. Declining this model release voids any special offers or discounts that come with or are applied to this session. *
"The photographs taken and presentated by this photographer may be used by Megan Johns Photography and its agents, for the purpose of display, portfolio, advertising, website or publication to promote the business without compensation to the undersigned. You may request that specific images not be made public if they are personal in nature by submitting a written notification to Megan Johns Photography below"

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