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To personalize your session experience please take the time to complete this form (it takes about 15 minutes).  Feel free to call me if you have questions (904) 434-5573.

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Let's collaborate creatively! The most successful sessions are those where we work together to come up with ideas that are authentic to your family. Your responses to these question will help me get to know your family, your style, and what's important to you during your session!
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all about your kiddos!!
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Examples might include a cool chair, a modern wooden baby toy, a funky umbrella, something antique, a game you like to play, paper cutouts, a special quilt/blanket, etc.
Think about the feel you want for your session... that will help us decide where to be. Newborn sessions are almost always done in your home.
At what time would you prefer to have your session?
Think about when everyone is happiest, but keep in mind that session location is going to play a huge role in determining when we should meet up.
Specific grouping requests? Things you LOVE, things you absolutely do NOT want, things I should know...
For a newborn session, please also tell me about the nursery decor.
It can be super helpful for everyone if we can set up a quick 10 min video chat 1 or 2 days before your session (Skype, Facetime...) I can answer any last minute questions. Look at wardrobe ideas, etc.