The Mommy Mode Camera Workshop

On the rare occasions that you pick up your fancy DSLR camera, do you ever feel frustrated that you can't capture the images that you imagine? Have you ever tried to learn photography but felt overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information?  Is it tough to get the cooperation that you need from your children?  Then of course, do the rare captures of sweet expressions turn out to be blurry?  AAAHHHH!!!

I get it!  I totally do!

Kids ARE hard.

And photography is hard too.  Especially when you're trying to learn it on your own during naps or lunch breaks.

I've dreamed of the day that I would have the guts, and opportunity to step out of my little comfort zone to teach you what I know, to help you break through the barriers.  Here's what I want you to know...

It doesn't have to be that hard!!  

There are shortcuts!  

You don't have to know everything about photography to get better.

My perspective

I've had a camera in my hands for the past 10 years and my kids have been around for nearly 6 of those years.  I started shooting in Auto mode.  That started out as fun but I soon ran into problems (focus, blur, exposure) that couldn't be fixed without moving into a more advanced mode.  So one day I decided to switch my camera into "M" and never looked back.  

Of course that sounds so simple, right?  I just figured it out?  Not at all!!  I had no idea what I was doing.  What buttons and dials do I use?  How do I even know if I'm going to get a semi decent exposure?  At first I didn't even know what terms to Google or look for in my manual.  In the end, I learned a good portion of what I know by spending hours upon hours searching the internet for answers.  But here's the thing... much of my learning was done before kids!  I could never do that now.  There's never enough time in the day.

My truths about learning photography with kids:

  1. Learning photography takes time 
  2. Moms deserve shortcuts & tricks

Workshop Overview

This isn't just a one night class with a "good luck and goodbye".  You'll be learning and practicing before, during and after the workshop night.  I have cheat sheets for you to carry in your bag, kid tricks for you to add to your arsenal, and assignments to guide you as you grow!

I believe in the power of small and incremental improvements over time!   I'll give you the structure and you can do this!



Friday May 8, 2015 6:30-9:30 pm



Bay & Bee 

13475 Atlantic Blvd 32225 Jacksonville, Florida

Workshop Details

I started planning this in my head nearly 2 years ago...  I knew that it would be important to me to be able to provide an in-person learning experience.  But at the same time I knew (because I've lived it) that one 3 hour workshop would not make a person a successful photographer.  It takes practice.  It takes time.  And it helps to know what you should spend your time practicing.  With all this in mind, here's how I designed this workshop experience:

You should come if..

  • You have a DSLR camera (interchangeable lenses)
  • Your photos are often blurry & out of focus
  • You're currently shooting in Auto or Aperture Priority mode (or have no idea what mode) and are not happy with your photos
  • You'd like some help staying motivated after the class.
  • You're ready to do something for YOU! 


Before the workshop

  • You will be invited to join a private Facebook group where you'll have access to class resources and help!
  • Pre-Work includes:
    • Photography 101 - You can watch my 50+ slide presentation at your convience.  This covers many topics ranging from light, to composition, and kid tricks.  I'm hugely passionate about this presentation and I hope you'll feel inspired to learn more after watching this.
    • Camera settings I recommend
    • Intro to Exposure





During the workshop

  • Food!  I'm going to feed you!
  • Review all of the Pre-Work information
  • We will explore:
    • Equipment
    • Camera controls
    • Elements of exposure
    • How settings affect our photos
    • Exposure Baselines (this is original MJP material)
    • How to get a good exposure
    • Habits for learning
  • Shortcuts and cheat sheets - You won't find any like mine on the web... I promise you'll love them, this is what will bring everything together for you after you leave the workshop!  I've worked long and hard to get all the right information on my cheat sheets!
The Mommy Mode Camera Workshop
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After the workshop

  • 4 weeks of weekly "what to practice" assignments.  These will be easy and sequential assignments that will build upon each other (no need to dedicate your life to learning photography). Assignments will range from practicing how to see light, practicing exposure, and testing out kid tricks.  Every mother has her own unique form of crazy to deal with so there are no due dates and no judgement with these assignments.  Do your best to keep up and you will get better no matter what!
  • 4 weeks of me!  I'll be active in the Facebook group for 4 weeks after the class to help you along with your assignments, answer any questions you have, to cheer you on, and hopefully to motivate you.

Are you ready to get out of Auto and into Mommy Mode?


I plan to offer additional on-location workshops to tackle unique lighting and location challenges.  Mommy Mode participants will get priority enrollment in these classes.


Email me anytime!