About Megan

Did You Know?  I've worked as... an intern at a power plant, an engineer at a medical device manufacturer, a photographer, a photography teacher, a blogger, and as a math teacher.

On Photography... When I began learning photography in 2004, I was a cheapskate who thought I could achieve pro level images if I had a great camera.  I soon learned that I was wrong.  Then I learned more, and more...  I took some photos for friends, and charities, and later for money.  Today I only rarely work as a photographer for paying clients.  Instead, the photography I do is for myself and my family.  It's for the joy of creating the image.  And while my photography learning curve has slowed, it continues to this day.  Because of this, I know that whatever I grow up to be next, photography will continue to be an important part of the adventure.

I Like...  being in nature, hiking, biking (off-road), rollerblading, everything DIY, eating chocolate chip cookies, but also healthy eating, making spreadsheets, and seeing beautiful and interesting things/people through the lens of my camera.  I guess I'm some sort of hippie nerd.

"Don't join the fray, make a fray of your own" - E.O. Wilson

  • 05-21-2014
  • 01-18-2013
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