If I'm not teaching middle schoolers, I'm probably off on an adventure somewhere. I might be hiking, biking, roller blading, paddling, etc.  Or more likely these days, I'm a sideline photographer at my kid's sports and activities. Along the way I will create images that will become part of my next gallery wall because these photos ... these adventures... are my unique, messy, and beautiful story.

You're probably not here for my life story. I know you're super busy living your own. But you might be interested to know that I've been learning and loving photography since 2004. Back in those days I was working as an engineer! So many things have influenced my love of photography since then including... having children, finding a love for nature, learning to see light, and exploring ways to capture movement.

I put my photography aside in many ways a few years ago to focus on becoming a teacher. Having my camera stolen from my classroom became an oddly pivotal moment for me. It helped me consider how important photography is in my life. I thought about how all of the memories I've captured with my camera(s) have become an extension of myself. I realized how much I missed photography and how engrained it is in my identity.

Now I'm making an effort to bring photography back into my world in some serious ways. (Thanks Patrick for looking the other way when I buy yet another camera or lens). Welcome to the adventure... let's set things in motion!